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We challenge the status quo and think differently about global food production; Finding solutions to one of the worlds most complex challenges and creating sustainable change.

Global Food Security

The global food security challenge is straightforward: by 2030, the world must feed 8.5 billion people. In the next four decades, crop production will need to grow by 60 to 100 percent from 2005 levels, depending on assumptions. But the yields of major world crops are not rising fast enough to meet that demand. In many parts of the world, we must address problems with distribution, access to appropriate technologies, and market infrastructure.

Capital Agri International target operational excellence to drive performance and improved production in key markets.

After two years of analysing the global market we have focused on two core regions – South East Asia and the UK

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What We Do

Capital Agri International Ltd, is an investment & advisory company focused on value addition to investments across agri food sectors and natural capital including agri-energy.

We are agri business managers – applying our cross sector experience and success across commercial assessment, operations and applied innovation to drive returns in consumer driven markets.

Prosperity along the agri-food value chain is founded on sustainable resource management and the deployment of Western style ‘boots on the ground’ expertise. The ability to evaluate natural capital and human resource is fundamental to Capital Agri’s strategy to deliver successful projects to investors and local communities alike.

Leading the way for

Sustainable Global Food Production

We believe managing agri business is about building and enabling teams; an empowered team deliver the leadership decisions involved in organising and operating production to enable a business to achieve maximum efficiency and profit.
As experienced agri business managers, we are able to look across the full spectrum of components that are required to scale a sustainable business. We analyse and collect economic data for information on prices, markets, agri-food policy, and financial institutions to raise capital.

We also have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of practical food production – across fresh produce, ag-tech and aquaculture, with expertise across plant and animal health, biosecurity, nutrition and breeding. We are able to merge this unique skill set to environmental and social sensitivities, allowing our business decisions to enhance positive impact.

The Capital Agri International team harness these attributes and focus on operational excellence fused with corporate financial expertise, collectively deployed into agri investments.

Our Vision

Feeding the planet now and into the future within the challenges of climate change, population growth and rapidly declining resources, necessitates that the trillion dollar agriculture industry must adapt and innovate as we expand into an unprecedented era of food production.

We believe in supporting this transition through directing private capital towards agricultural businesses which have a positive impact for all involved.

A Positive Impact

Businesses in these areas have the potential to create massive, sustainable impact along with favourable financial returns for well-guided investors. We are committed to making CapAgri a success for our partners, and through that success ensuring a positive impact on people, places and the planet. 

Investing with this mindset signifies a culture where investors are equipped to maximise positive contributions of each investment whilst supporting solutions to one of the biggest challenges of our time.